Muenchner Weisswurst

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Pure pork sausage with lemon and parsley

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You will not have to fly all the way to Europe to get this one. Just as good as the one served at the Oktoberfest. The Weisswurst is a pure Pork Sausage – containing real lemons and parsley. Served with sweet mustard and a German Bretzel – you will be carried away to sausage heaven. The sausages are heated in water, just short of boiling, for about ten minutes. Weisswurst is brought to the table in a big bowl together with the cooking liquid used for preparation (so it does not cool down too much), then eaten without the skin. Ways of eating Weisswurst include the traditional way, called zuzeln, in which each end of the sausage is cut or bitten open, then the meat is sucked out from the skin. Alternatively, the more popular and more discreet ways of consuming it are by cutting the sausage long ways and then “rolling out” the meat from the skin with a fork, or just ripping the sausage apart and consuming the filling.

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1 review for Muenchner Weisswurst

  1. Lori

    The sausages at Blackforest Gourmet are delicious. They do not contain sulphites, are easy to digest. Best Ive ever had. I only eat the sausages from this company.

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