Middle Bacon 250g Pack

$30.95 /kg

Delicious middle bacon, half-cooked to remove excess water. Available only in a 250g pack.

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Kiwis love their Bacon. For us, it was unknown territory. Trying out a few different brands did not make us happy. All the pre-packed Bacon we bought had lots of water in the vacuum bag. We ended up with even more water in the frying pan and couldn’t get it crispy. Bacon is pumped like Hams, but usually not pre-cooked. The vacuum sucks the water out of the meat. Half of it is visible in the bag, the other half in the frying pan. So we found our solution. We pre-cook our Bacon halfway to get the excess water out of the meat. This technique keeps our Middle Bacon juicy and you do not pay for water. Find out for yourself.

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